Associative algebras

class sage.categories.associative_algebras.AssociativeAlgebras(base_category)

Bases: sage.categories.category_with_axiom.CategoryWithAxiom_over_base_ring

The category of associative algebras over a given base ring.

An associative algebra over a ring \(R\) is a module over \(R\) which is also a not necessarily unital ring.


Until trac ticket #15043 is implemented, Algebras is the category of associative unital algebras; thus, unlike the name suggests, AssociativeAlgebras is not a subcategory of Algebras but of MagmaticAlgebras.


sage: from sage.categories.associative_algebras import AssociativeAlgebras
sage: C = AssociativeAlgebras(ZZ); C
Category of associative algebras over Integer Ring


sage: from sage.categories.magmatic_algebras import MagmaticAlgebras
sage: C is MagmaticAlgebras(ZZ).Associative()
sage: TestSuite(C).run()
class ElementMethods

An abstract class for elements of an associative algebra.


Magmas.Element.__mul__ is preferable to Modules.Element.__mul__ since the later does not handle products of two elements of self.


sage: A = AlgebrasWithBasis(QQ).example()
sage: a = A.an_element()
sage: a
2*B[word: ] + 2*B[word: a] + 3*B[word: b]
sage: a.__mul__(a)
4*B[word: ] + 8*B[word: a] + 4*B[word: aa] + 6*B[word: ab] + 12*B[word: b] + 6*B[word: ba] + 9*B[word: bb]

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