Graded Hopf algebras

class sage.categories.graded_hopf_algebras.GradedHopfAlgebras(base, name=None)

Bases: sage.categories.category_types.Category_over_base_ring

The category of GradedHopf algebras with several bases


sage: GradedHopfAlgebras(ZZ)
Category of graded hopf algebras over Integer Ring
sage: GradedHopfAlgebras(ZZ).super_categories()
[Category of graded bialgebras over Integer Ring, Category of hopf algebras over Integer Ring]


sage: TestSuite(GradedHopfAlgebras(ZZ)).run()
class ElementMethods
class GradedHopfAlgebras.ParentMethods


sage: GradedHopfAlgebras(QQ).super_categories()
[Category of graded bialgebras over Rational Field, Category of hopf algebras over Rational Field]

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