Notebook KeybindingsΒΆ

This module is responsible for setting the keyboard bindings for the notebook.

These are the standard key and mouse bindings available in the notebook:

  • Evaluate Input: Press shift-enter. You can start several calculations at once. If you press alt-enter instead, then a new cell is created after the current one. If you press ctrl-enter then the cell is split and both pieces are evaluated separately.
  • Tab Completion: Press tab while the cursor is on an identifier. On some web browsers (e.g., Opera) you must use control-space instead of tab.
  • Insert New Cell: Put the mouse between an output and input until the horizontal line appears and click. If you press Alt-Enter in a cell, the cell is evaluated and a new cell is inserted after it.
  • Delete Cell: Delete all cell contents, then press backspace.
  • Split and Join Cells: Press ctrl-; in a cell to split it into two cells, and ctrl-backspace to join them. Press ctrl-enter to split a cell and evaluate both pieces.
  • Insert New HTML Cell: Shift click between cells to create a new HTML cell. Double click on existing HTML to edit it. Use $...$ and $$...$$ to include typeset math in the HTML block.
  • Hide/Show Output: Click on the left side of output to toggle between hidden, shown with word wrap, and shown without word wrap.
  • Indenting Blocks: Highlight text and press > to indent it all and < to unindent it all (works in Safari and Firefox). In Firefox you can also press tab and shift-tab.
  • Comment/Uncomment Blocks: Highlight text and press ctrl-. to comment it and ctrl-, to uncomment it. Alternatively, use ctrl-3 and ctrl-4.
  • Parenthesis matching: To fix unmatched or mis-matched parentheses, braces or brackets, press ctrl-0. Parentheses, brackets or braces to the left of or above the cursor will be matched, minding strings and comments. Note, only Python comments are recognized, so this won’t work for c-style multiline comments, etc.

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