Packages (SPKG)

SageMath consists of a selected set of packages which are well tested and integrated into the SageMath framework. Please have a look at the SageMath Wiki tracking SPKGs. There is also a list of links of SageMath components. The installation scripts of the SageMath distribution will download the necessary package archives from one of the following mirrors automatically.
Most SageMath users will not need to download any package archives manually. SageMath developers who need to access a specific version of a package (including old-style packages), please use one of the mirrors: Please select a download server close to your location below.
Africa MARWAN, Morocco
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Tertiary Education Network, Johannesburg, South Africa
University of the Free State, South Africa
America, North MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
University of Waterloo, ON, Canada
XMission, Utah, USA
America, South Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Asia Alibaba Cloud, China
KoDDoS Mirror, Hong Kong
Riken, Japan
University of Science and Technology, China
Yamagata University, JP
eScience Center, Nanjing University, Jiangsu, China
Australia AARNet Research Network
Europe Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
GARR, Italy
KoDDoS Mirror
Metanet, Switzerland
Mirrorservice Network, United Kingdom
Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
Yandex, Russia
dogado GmbH, Germany

Distributed / P2P

Consider downloading via Torrent using BitTorrent web-seed files! This automatically balances and parallelizes the download across all servers, makes it resumable, and the checksum is automatically verified. This gives you maximum speed and protection against corrupt/malicious data. Either install a libtorrent based client like Deluge, Transmission (default in many Linux distributions), Vuze, or Aria2 for the command-line. (Install Aria2 via sudo apt-get install aria2 and then $ aria2c http://...*.torrent). Sage web-seed files.

Other SageMath downloads

Installation guide: What/how to download
Source (stable)
Source (devel)
To get the source of the latest development release, choose a download mirror and follow relevant instructions on the mirror page.
Apple macOS
Download macOS binaries (3-manifolds)
Microsoft Windows
Download Windows binaries (sage-windows)
Docker image
Source (old)


Useful utilities when working with SageMath